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2015, February, During the Oil Sands Monitoring Symposium held in Edmonton, Alberta, a joint presentation was provided by the Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development and A-MAPS Environmental. A recently developed and implemented software tool was described and demonstrated. The software was designed for fast and easy accessing the historical and real time Air Quality (AQ) information across the province of Alberta. Special attention is paid to the information processing over the Oil Sands area. The tool comprises a suite of software applications that are based on novel AQ monitoring technologies, such as integration of atmospheric satellite remote sensing with ground level monitoring measurements through geospatial and dispersion modeling. The applications are controlled through intuitive Graphical User Interfaces, which enable direct interactive displaying, manipulation and analysis of the AQ data in mapping (GIS), numerical and time series formats. In the software, processes are embedded that include acquisition of relevant ground level and satellite data, geo-statistical and dispersion modeling as well as formatting the outputs. For the attendees of the Symposium, a web application was developed, that demonstrates the basic functionality and features of the high resolution AQ mapping tool.

2014, June, With its new booth, A-MAPS was visibly present during The TECTERRA Geomatics Showcase 2014, which was hosted on Wednesday, June 18, 2014 at the Calgary Telus Convention Centre. This year's showcase included: over 55 companies from TECTERRA's portfolio sharing and demonstrating their latest technologies, keynote addresses by special guests, including Peter Mansbridge, applied research projects, TECTERRA Geomatics Lab demonstrations, company presentations as well as ample networking opportunities.

2012, May, A-MAPS participated the CANECT 2012 tradeshow in Toronto. A grant kindly provided by TECTERRA Inc. supported our presence. CANECT is Canada's leading environmental management forum, annually attracting some 300 conference registrants and thousands of tradeshow attendees. CANECT registrants comprise environmental managers, plant personnel, government policy-makers and consultants with responsibilities for environmental affairs. This audience represents our major customer group. A-MAPS exploited the event to compete and to market its products and services during the Tradeshow as well as during the networking opportunities provided. Also we demonstrated the laptop versions the applications developed as components of our municipal Air Quality Information System and a smartphone application dealing with dissemination of real time and forecast, geo-located and personalized environmental health risk information. Our new presentation material developed with the support of the TECTERRA's GECKO program attracted attention and assisted in describing the advantages of our applications of remote sensing technologies, products and services.

2011, June, Newest A-MAPS applications dealing with Air Quality Satellite Remote Sensing for Public Health Risk Assessments were presented during the Workshop on Space Technology for Public Health Actions in the Context of Climate Change Adaptation, Montreal; jointly organised by the Canadian Space Agency and Public Health Agency Canada.

2010, December, A-MAPS team participated the Precarn T-GAP Event "Accelerating ICT Innovation" at the Westin Hotel, Ottawa, which showcased novel Canadian Information and Communications Technologies. During the event, federal Minister of Industry Tony Clement visited the A-MAPS booth and received information regarding A-MAPS innovative air pollution impact mapping technologies. An interview with Technology Reporter Paul Brent of the Canadian TV network (CTV) taken during the event, was aired on March 20, 2011.

A-MAPS Environmental

Dr. Daniel Spitzer, President and CEO of A-MAPS Environmental Inc. (right) of Ottawa, Ontario describes his latest ICT-based innovation for environmental monitoring to Dr. Henri Rothschild, President and CEO of Precarn (centre), and the Honourable Tony Clement, Minister of Industry (left). Leveraging $75,000 from Precarn by a multiplier of more than 2-to-1, and working collaboration with the City of Ottawa and the University of Ottawa, the company has developed a user friendly software product that retrieves, analyzes and displays data on air pollution in a specific region, and helps scientists and other specialists to better assess the associated impact on the health of citizens in the selected area. Combining modern satellite earth observation technologies and custom data models, the software provides urban planners and health policy decision makers with concrete information about the risk and potential impacts of air pollution on a specific population group, including the associated morbidity, mortality, hospitalization, and health costs. The tool will directly enable more effective planning, decision-making and action that helps to preserve our environment and the health of our citizens.

2010, June, A-MAPS Environmental displayed and demonstrated its products at the Tradeshow during the Annual Conference of the Air & Waste Management Association, Calgary.

2010, May, D. Spitzer presented an invited paper "Using Atmospheric Satellite Remote Sensing to Provide Health Related Information" during the ASTRO 2010: Space for a Healthier Planet conference, organized by the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute in Toronto.

2009, October, A-MAPS Environmental contracted Magi Science & Technology Development (Beijing) Ltd. as it’s authorized Distributor in China for purposes of marketing and selling Environmental Monitoring and Mapping products and services.

2009, June 19-20, A-MAPS Environmental presented results of Air Pollution Health Impact studies at the Atmospheric Composition Constellation Workshop at ESRIN/ESA, Frascati, Italy.

2009, June, Our project "Air Quality Mapping in the National Capital Region" received the Environmental Award of the City of Ottawa.

2008, March 12, A-MAPS Environmental joined the Plan Jaguar, a joint initiative of European Space Agency and INDRA Espacio, dealing with Definition of Remote Sensing Strategy for Latin America and the Caribbean.

2008, March 25-26. A-MAPS Environmental participated the 2008 Upwind Downwind Conference: Climate Change & Healthy Cities held at the Hamilton Convention Centre in Hamilton, Ontario. The two day conference focused on Air Quality and Climate Change and the linkages with public health, planning and action.

2007, November 14, A-MAPS Environmental together with University of Ottawa organised the Workshop on Canadian AQHI Related Monitoring Activities held at the University of Ottawa.

A-MAPS Environmental

A-MAPS Environmental