About Us

The A-MAPS team includes professionals with strong backgrounds in environmental sciences and technologies with many years of practical experience in environmental monitoring.

A-MAPS Environmental Inc., established in 2006, focuses on cutting-edge environmental monitoring methods such as emerging satellite remote sensing technologies to map environmental processes on local and regional scales. The company is centrally located in Ottawa, Ontario, the national capital of Canada.

Our proficiency in the processing, interpretation and combination of various types of environmental observations, along with our considerable monitoring practice expertise, allows us to develop products valuable to governmental decision makers and public health authorities dealing with environmental issues. We work in close cooperation with governmental institutions such as Transport Canada, Environment Canada, Natural Resources Canada and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and also private organizations such as L.B. Pearson International Airport and Ottawa International Airport. Partnerships in innovative programs with Universities of Ottawa, Toronto, Waterloo and Alberta enables us effective access to most recent results of scientific research.

A-MAPS Environmental